Rick Nevin
NIH Challenge Grant: Specific Aims
    The challenge grant awarded to the NYU School of Medicine and the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) encompasses three related, concurrent efforts: 
  1. New York State Demonstration Projects. NYU and NCHH will partner with three communities in New York State to compare the effectiveness, cost, and savings of weatherization work with and without window replacement.  Specialized cleanup and post-upgrade clearance testing for lead in dust will be performed in all units, and dust testing will be repeated 12 months post-upgrade.  Participating residents will also answer health survey questions before and 12 months after project completion.  This data for a control group and study group will support an analysis that is expected to confirm findings from other studies showing greater energy savings and lead hazard reduction benefits with window replacement. 
  2. Outreach Communication. This effort will produce documents that explain energy savings and lead hazard reduction benefits of lead-safe window replacement, and the additional energy savings and potential health benefits of combining lead safe window replacement with duct sealing, high density insulation methods, and other weatherization measures.  The launch of this web site is an integral part of this outreach.  Although many government agencies and organizations are devoted to promoting child health initiatives, energy efficiency, and affordable housing, this outreach effort is unique in its commitment to communicating how energy efficient healthy housing investments can serve multiple policy objectives.
  3. Partnership Building. This effort will seek to build capacity and trust between local communities, researchers, government officials, mortgage underwriters, utilities, and foundations to achieve both energy conservation and public health goals. Future updates to this web site will include progress reports on partner efforts.

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