Rick Nevin
NIH Challenge Grant: Related Publications
    The lead safe window replacement strategy is the product of over twenty years of research, incorporating data from many academic studies, an evaluation of lead hazard reduction grantees, the Economic Analysis of a Department of Housing and Urban Development regulation on lead paint hazard reduction, and the Federal Strategy to eliminate childhood lead poisoning (prepared for the President’s Task Force on Environmental Health and Safety Risks to Children). Related publications include:

USA Today - For many kids, lead threat is right in their own homes

A Better Return than Stocks – with Negative Risk

of Opportunity: Lead Poisoning Prevention, Housing Affordability, and Energy Conservation
    Full Text: Housing Policy Debate 17 (2006): 185-207

Energy-efficient housing stimulus that pays for itself
Energy Policy, 38 (2010): 4-11
    Fiver Strategy Summary
    Author's Manuscript

Monetary benefits of preventing childhood lead poisoning with lead-safe window replacement
    Environmental Research, 106 (2008): 410-419. With Jacobs, Berg, and Cohen
Authors' Manuscript

Validation of a 20-year forecast of US childhood lead poisoning: Updated prospects for 2010
    Environmental Research 103 (2006): 352-364

Evidence of Rational Market Valuations for Home Energy Efficiency
    Full Text:
The Appraisal Journal 66 (1998): 401–09

More Evidence of Rational Market Values for Home Energy Efficiency 
    Full Text: The Appraisal Journal 67 (1999): 454–60
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